How to Play Live Blackjack

Whether you are looking to play live blackjack online or on the casino floor, there are several factors that you need to consider. These factors include your bet, the dealer, and the rules and regulations …

Whether you are looking to play live blackjack online or on the casino floor, there are several factors that you need to consider. These factors include your bet, the dealer, and the rules and regulations of the casino. You should also be familiar with the different bets, like hit, stand, or surrender.

Hit vs stand

During live blackjack, the hit or stand decision can be a difficult one. This is because there are several different rules that affect the outcome of the hand. The decision should be made based on the number of decks of cards and the current circumstances.

Typically, a “hit” means that the player will draw another card. However, this is not always the best option. In some cases, a player may want to hit if the dealer has a soft 17 or an ace and three. In other cases, a player may want to hit when the dealer has a high value card. This is especially true when a player wants to improve the value of his hand.

It is also important to understand the difference between a hard and a soft hand. A hard hand is a single card, while a soft hand contains other cards. The odds of making a blackjack hand with a soft hand are much better.

A hand with an ace and eight or nine is a soft hand. This type of hand can be a strong hand if the dealer draws a high-value card. On the other hand, a hand with an ace and two or three cards is a hard hand.

Depending on the rules, a player can choose to stand, double or split. A player may also choose to surrender. If a player chooses to surrender, they will forfeit their bet, regardless of the total of the hand. Usually, a player will not be able to surrender against a dealer’s blackjack. This is because the dealer has a good chance of going bust.

The decision to hit or stand in live blackjack is made by weighing the risks and odds. A good basic strategy can help players decide when to stand and when to hit. It is also important to follow your instincts. If the cards look good, you should probably stand. On the other hand, if the cards look bad, you should probably hit.

Once you have decided whether to hit or stand, you can now start to play the hand. You can take advantage of the free practice games offered by Bob Casino. These are a great way to practice your blackjack skills.


Whether you play online or at the table, surrender is a great option to reduce the house edge. But you must know when to use it.

If you have a hand that is likely to lose, you should surrender. You can do this by making an announcement out loud or letting the dealer know you want to give up your hand. The advantage of surrender is that you get back half of your original bet. The problem is that many players fail to use the surrender option.

There are two types of surrender, Early Surrender and Late Surrender. The former is good for certain hands, while the latter is better for those that are not likely to win.

The best time to surrender is when the odds are low. This means that your chances of winning are less than 50%. The goal of basic strategy is to maximize your winnings while minimizing your losses. It also depends on the dealer’s up card.

If the dealer’s up card is an Ace, you should surrender. You should not take advantage of this unless you have a hand that is likely to win. However, you can still surrender if the dealer’s up card is a Jack.

The number of decks in play also affects mathematical correctness of the surrender. This is because the dealer is only given one face up card per hand position. Depending on the amount of cards in the deck, the optimal strategy can lower the house edge by 0.07%.

When playing blackjack with a live dealer, you can either use a live chat function or speak to the dealer directly. The advantage of chatting with the dealer is that you can make eye contact with the person who is playing the game. You can also ask if the dealer has the option to surrender.

The first thing you must do is determine if you are a good candidate for surrender. You can do this by asking the floormen at the casino. If the dealer does not hear you, he may mistake your request for something else.

Split vs double down

During live blackjack, there are two primary ways to play the game. You can either split your cards or double down. The decision depends on your goals. For example, you might want to split your cards if you feel that the dealer is weak, or you might want to double down if you have a good chance of hitting a 10-value card. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, and to make a well-informed decision.

Splitting your cards can give you a better edge in a game that is dominated by the house. However, it costs you a bit more money than just betting a single hand. You need to decide whether you want to double down or split before the dealer’s upcard is revealed. This is because you can only double down in the first two cards that are dealt to you.

Depending on the dealer, it may be worth splitting your aces. It will increase your chances of hitting a 21. It will also reduce your risk of busting. It is best to split aces when the dealer’s upcard is a four or five. This will help you to win a larger percentage of your hands. It is also less risky than standing.

If you are playing blackjack online, there is a great alternative to splitting your cards. This strategy is called Double Down After Split, or DDAS. When DDAS is available, you can double your bet on the half of your split that you wish.

If DDAS is not available, you can still double your bet on the other half of your split. Whether you choose to split or double down, you will need to place the original wager on the new bet.

You will need to know when to hit, stand, or double down to play a successful game of blackjack. For most players, it is best to hit on anything less than 21, and stand on anything more than that. It is also a good idea to double down on hard 10 or 11 cards.

Bet behind

Unlike RNG blackjack, live blackjack offers players the chance to bet behind other players. This means that you can enjoy the thrills of playing live blackjack without waiting for a seat to open. This gives you more time to enjoy the game, and also makes it possible to bet lower than you normally would.

A Bet Behind option has become a popular feature at many online casinos. The feature allows players to bet on other players’ hands, and earn profits while they are waiting. It can be found on most modern live casino blackjack games.

Using a Bet Behind option is a great way to improve your skills as an amateur player. Having an opportunity to bet on another player’s hand allows you to see how he or she plays, and make the most of it.

A Bet Behind icon indicates that the player is currently winning, and you can see how long he has won consecutively. You can also check out his active player history, which shows the number of previous hands that he has won.

Bet Behind is a great way to take advantage of a hot player. However, it is not advisable to bet too much on a single player. You can lose your bankroll quickly if you do so. This is especially true if you are a new player. If you are a more experienced player, you might prefer to just concentrate on your own game.

Bet Behind has gained a lot of attention, and many new players are interested in it. Although the feature is not yet available in non-live blackjack games, it could be in the future. It will add an extra dimension to the game, and will provide a great opportunity for new and experienced players alike.

To use the Bet Behind feature, you must place a chip in the BET BEHIND box during the allowed bet period. You are then paid out in the same manner as the main player. You may want to use a staking strategy similar to the one you use at the table.

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