How to Get Internet on a Cruise Ship For Free

While cruise ship internet service is free, you’re limited to a certain number of devices. However, you can buy a portable high-speed router for $40 or less, which will allow you to connect multiple devices …

How to Get Internet on a Cruise Ship For Free

While cruise ship internet service is free, you’re limited to a certain number of devices. However, you can buy a portable high-speed router for $40 or less, which will allow you to connect multiple devices without any restrictions. These routers also include an unlimited data plan, which can be a great option for travelers who want to stay connected throughout their trip. Additionally, most laptops and smartphones are capable of connecting to a hotspot via Bluetooth.

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You can use your laptop or personal device to access the internet while on board your cruise ship. The service is free of charge, but there are limits. For example, you can’t stream movies or download music. You can only use it for emailing and web browsing.

Luckily, there are alternatives to using the free internet service on board cruise ships. You can use On Board Credit to buy an internet package if you’d like. Another option is to use WiFi on land. In fact, you can often find free WiFi in cafes, restaurants, and hotel lobbies. There may not be a good connection if you’re in a remote area.

Internet access on board varies by cruise line. Some are free, while others charge for minutes, data, and bandwidth. Others are tied to a daily or voyage-long package. There are also tiered packages for mobile data. Mobile service providers typically support international roaming, but their rates aren’t cheap.

If you don’t want to pay for an expensive data package, consider using a shared service. [email protected] has multiple plans that allow you to share a single account with two or more people. You can even share one connection between multiple devices.

[email protected] is a great way to stay connected while on a cruise. It also includes high-speed Internet, which is great for browsing the web on a sea day. Video chat is also available. You can talk to friends and family while on board.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also use free wi-fi. Carnival Cruise Line has free Wi-Fi for its guests. It’s not a full Internet connection, but it’s plenty to stay connected. There are also various plans that allow you to use the internet as you wish.

Costs per minute

When it comes to cruise internet, you have many options. Some cruise lines offer free wi-fi for crew members while others charge a low price per minute. It all depends on the size of your data plan. Some cruise lines offer faster internet service than others. In order to save money, take advantage of loyalty programs offered by cruise lines.

The average cost to get internet on a cruise ship is 75 cents per minute. You can also buy package prices for internet access that give you access to the ship for up to 60 minutes. Some cruise lines even charge by megabyte instead of minute. Regardless of the plan, you need to check the terms and conditions of each package before embarking.

The internet on cruise ships is not as fast as you might have at home, and you won’t be able to use video chat or audio streaming. The speed isn’t fast enough for heavy downloading, and the connection will be slow for everyone else. In addition, you’ll find that internet access is slower at certain times of day.

If you need to use the internet on a cruise ship, be sure to bring a device that has WiFi capabilities. Also, ensure you have a data cable and earphones for the device. There’s also free Wi-Fi available in the public areas of the ship. However, the connection will be slower than it is in the cabin.

Cellular service is generally supported on most cruise ships. You can use your home cell phone, but the rates for international roaming on cellular data aren’t cheap. The rates vary between carriers and cruise lines, but the good news is that your home carrier should be able to offer you a plan that meets your needs.


While cruise lines are investing millions into onboard connectivity, you can’t always count on high speeds. However, with wi-fi access, it’s possible to surf the web and watch movies while on board. If you want to stay in touch with friends and family back home, wi-fi access is a must.

While internet speeds have improved over the years, it’s still no match for home internet. Generally speaking, you can expect speeds as slow as five megabits per second while you’re cruising. However, a cable internet connection in your home might offer up to 200 megabits per second. Still, cruise lines are trying to provide fast internet, and have made great progress in recent years.

While there are still no internet speeds as high as home connections, new satellite systems and multimillion dollar investments are increasing the speed of internet on board. On the newbuild MSC Seaside, internet speeds were up to 500 Mbps. However, some older ships weren’t upgraded. In addition, Royal Caribbean’s new Voom internet service relied on other providers. This means the company is unable to match the speed of other cruise lines. Nevertheless, the Serenade of the Seas and the Carnival MV-Individual have a good download and upload speed, although not nearly as high as other lines.

As cruise lines try to lure more passengers to sunny decks, they are making strides in developing traveler-friendly technologies on board. With WiFi, customers can check emails and surf the web. However, until now, on board connectivity has been notoriously slow and expensive. As a result, high speeds and a stable connection are essential for customers.

Getting a free internet package

Getting a free internet package on cruising ships can be difficult because the internet is typically restricted to a number of devices. However, if you plan to use the internet a lot on a cruise, you can buy a portable high-speed router. These routers usually cost under $40 and let you connect multiple devices to a single data plan. Moreover, most laptops and smartphones have Bluetooth tethering capabilities.

If you don’t have a laptop with you, the crew will probably be able to help you get online. Some ships even offer free internet for the crew. The crew will know where the best places to connect to free wifi are. For instance, if you’re sailing to a port with lots of tourists, you might want to use a Solis wifi hotspot.

The DCL app allows you to get internet access in your stateroom. However, you’ll have to log out every time you use the service, so you won’t be able to use it to download long-form videos. The DCL app also allows you to text and make direct calls from your stateroom. You’ll have unlimited data for the duration of the cruise, as long as you stay on the concierge deck.

Another way to get internet access on a cruise ship is to use a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. You can use airplane mode to prevent roaming charges and connect to the WiFi network. Once connected, you’ll be directed to the ship’s website. From there, you can purchase a data package or login to your account.

Most cruise ships now offer wifi. Some newer ships even have free wifi everywhere onboard. However, older cruise ships may only provide wifi in a computer room. Most ships also post daily activities on the internet. You can use this to check what’s on deck or what to do when you’re on board.

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