How to Find the Spotify Address in New York City

If you are a customer of Spotify and have some questions, you can get in touch with the company’s customer support team. There are a few ways that you can reach the customer support team, …

If you are a customer of Spotify and have some questions, you can get in touch with the company’s customer support team. There are a few ways that you can reach the customer support team, such as calling the toll-free number or visiting their official website. Here are the details of the New York City headquarters.

New York City HQ

The New York City HQ of Spotify has string walls instead of plaster and paint to create distinct work spaces. These walls compliment the open floor plan of the company’s new headquarters. The string walls were designed by Marie Moutsos, design director at FOX Architects. The company’s new headquarters accommodates 400 employees.

The New York State government has partnered with the company to provide up to $11 million in rent credits. Additionally, the company will be eligible for the World Trade Center’s Rent Reduction Program over the first 15 years. These tax breaks and incentives will help the new company diversify the New York economy and increase the number of jobs in the city.

Spotify is also expanding its team in New York. The company has announced plans to add more than 1,000 jobs to its U.S. headquarters, which will be located at Four World Trade Center. The company will lease 378,000 square feet of space on floors 62-72 of the massive building. The new office will double the size of Spotify’s current New York location. The new building is the first fully leased office tower on the 16-acre World Trade Center site.

Spotify has been expanding its operations in New York City, raising eyebrows in the music industry. In order to justify the move, the company has reportedly asked labels to reduce their revenue share to 52% from the current level of 55%. While this is a big step in Spotify’s expansion, the company is unsure whether the move will delay the IPO until 2018 or beyond.


If you have ever wondered where the headquarters of Spotify is located, you are not alone. In fact, many customers have asked us for the company’s address so that they can contact customer support. You can contact them through a toll free number or email. Additionally, if you need to speak to a representative in person, you can also reach them by live chat.

Spotify is an internet company that has become so popular that they have attracted $530 million in investments. The company recently moved to new offices in New York’s Flatiron district. These offices were designed by Spotify employees. They can now accommodate 400 employees. The new office is a reimagined version of the Spotify campus, complete with open collaborative workstations and a mini-production suite for visiting artists.

While the office has a contemporary feel, you’ll find that the space is not cluttered with office supplies. Instead of plaster and paint, Spotify’s NYC location features string walls to separate work spaces, complementing the open floor plan. The office was designed by FOX Architects in 2013. The company competes with a variety of other tech companies, including Apple and Google.

The company is expected to expand to another Manhattan location. Currently, it occupies 140,000 square feet at RXR Realty’s 620 Sixth Avenue. According to Allegro, the office is more like a campus than a traditional office, and there’s plenty of natural light. Open areas and lounge chairs are ideal for meeting with co-workers.


Spotify’s New York office contains 16 floors and more than 400 employees. The company has leased the space since 2014 for $566 million. The office is full of quirky decorative features. Spotify employees are tasked with amplifying the company’s stories and campaigns using Spotify insights and owned channels. The company has offices in San Francisco and London, but many work from home.

Spotify’s headquarters are located at 620 Avenue of the Americas, which was once the former headquarters of AOL. In 2017, the company expanded to 4 World Trade Center. The new office is designed to feel like a campus, with open spaces, lounge chairs, and string walls. Employees have access to meeting spaces and can work quietly without disturbing others.

Employees in New York are given more freedom to choose their work location. The company is also promoting work-from-anywhere policies. Spotify will not reduce salaries for people who choose to work from home. It will also redesign its offices to accommodate employees’ needs. The company’s head of diversity and inclusion, Travis Robinson, said the move will help improve work-life balance and employee happiness.

Spotify employees in New York earn between $75,000 and $85,000 annually. The median annual salary for a Business Analyst at the company is $75,000, which is $8,899 lower than the US average. Employees in the Marketing Department make $5,861 more than those in the Operations Department. A Business Analyst’s salary is $32,000 less than a Copywriter’s salary.

Office amenities

Spotify’s New York office is a prime example of a flexible, modern workplace. With a variety of open work spaces, collaborative areas, and a Wi-Fi-connected rooftop garden, the office is ideal for creative, agile working. The office also has plenty of plant life, soft velvet furniture, and plenty of amenities for employees to enjoy.

A rooftop terrace, with sun loungers and table tennis tables, is a popular attraction for the Spotify team. Other amenities include a concert venue and screening room. The company has an in-house band, which performs in the office’s open spaces during lunch breaks. The office is also home to a free cafeteria, a performance stage, and lounge areas.

The office also boasts a recording studio on the 7th floor, complete with top-of-the-line instruments. This is where Spotify’s original music content is created. The lobby also features a large gathering space, often used for town hall-style meetings. The lobby also features drum heads signed by artists.

A Spotify address in New York City features a variety of amenities, including listening rooms, recording studios, and more. With more than 400 employees, this office offers a unique and stimulating environment for employees. It also has excellent views of Manhattan. Spotify is a media and tech company that has evolved into an office environment that fits its needs. There are even spaces for vintage instruments. It’s a perfect setting for creative minds who are eager to make their mark in the media industry.

Spotify offers a genuinely great culture. Its employees are passionate about their work and are committed to maintaining a good balance between work and life. The company also provides bi-weekly reviews for employees. Spotify also encourages diversity and inclusion. With such a dynamic and diverse team, Spotify is definitely a resume-booster.

Phone number

When you’re having trouble with your subscription, you might think that the only option is to contact Spotify directly. But in reality, there’s another way. You can use the Spotify community forum. You can share your experiences with other people and discuss your complaints with them. This is the most effective way to get answers to your questions and to get help with your issues.

The family plan is another way to get Spotify. A family plan allows two people to share one subscription, and the plan is more affordable for two people. However, you will have to pay for each individual subscription. This is an annoying requirement, but it’s necessary for a family plan to work properly. If your family isn’t living in the same location, you may need to sign up for a separate account.

The Spotify headquarters is in New York at 620 Avenue of the Americas. This was the old AOL headquarters, though the company moved to 4 World Trade Center in 2017. The new space is designed to feel like a college campus and offers open areas and cafe tables with natural light. Those who aren’t comfortable working in a cubicle may want to consider meeting in the cafe or other open area with lounge chairs and string walls.

Spotify’s business model is different. It offers subscription plans in three tiers. A basic ad-supported version is free for Spotify users in Europe, ad-free version costs $5 per month, and the premium version costs $10 a month and adds mobile access and higher audio quality.

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