How to Do Diamond Casino Heists

Whether you’re a diamond casino heist veteran or you’re just starting out, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your heist is successful. These tips will help you to stay silent and …

Whether you’re a diamond casino heist veteran or you’re just starting out, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your heist is successful. These tips will help you to stay silent and sneaky, and also help you to stay on the right side of the law.

Silent and Sneaky

Taking down Diamond Casino security is not an easy task. In order to complete your mission, you’ll need to take out two guards at the front desk and the metal detector fuse box at the back of the building. Then, you’ll need to unlock the door with a keypad. After delivering buyers, you can finally do your heist.

Depending on your approach, there are different tactics and techniques you can use to get the maximum payout from your heist. The best method is to pick the one that fits your playstyle the most. If you’re a gung-ho player, it’s probably the Aggressive approach, while if you’re more careful, you might opt for the Silent and Sneaky method. These methods both have their own pros and cons.

The Silent and Sneaky method is a great way to go if you’re looking for a stealthy way to earn some extra cash. You’ll need to complete 10 set-up missions to accomplish this trick, and you’ll be rewarded with an Undetected bonus, which means that you’ll have an added $200,000.

Another method is the Big Con approach, which involves wearing disguises and hiding in the dark to evade detection. This is a popular option in the GTA gaming community. It’s not as simple as it sounds, however, and you’ll need to work with your team to pull it off.

The final approach is the Team Approach, which will require more team work, constant communication and a bit of testing. You’ll also need to choose a team that works well together. The crew will have to be given a certain percentage of the loot, but they’ll have better vehicles and weapons.

Choosing the best approach for your heist can be a challenge, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to get the most payout. The best approach will depend on your style of play, so it’s a good idea to do practice missions to determine which method works best for you.

The best approach for your heist will depend on your game’s difficulty level, the amount of cash you want to take out, and the contents of the vault.


Getting the best diamond casino heist payout is a combination of a number of factors, and the right approach depends on your personal style. There are three main approaches to stealing from the rich and famous. The Big Con, the Silent and Sneaky and the Aggressive approach. Each has its own pros and cons. The most important thing is to choose the right approach to fit your game.

The Big Con is a large scale heist that involves sneaking into the casino. Then, nabbing as much loot as possible while avoiding being caught. It is also the most complex of the three approaches. It has a few mandatory set up missions, as well as several optional ones. It is also the most expensive of the three. It also requires a hefty amount of disguise, and a good support crew to make it all happen.

The Silent and Sneaky approach, on the other hand, is more focused on stealth and concealment. It is also the most clunky. It is not recommended for beginners. It does, however, net you the most monetary reward.

The Aggressive approach, on the other hand, is the most straight forward. It is not quite as complex as the Big Con, but it does involve blowing the vault open with thermal charges. It is not a heist that you can play twice. It is not as fun as it sounds, but you get a pretty penny in the process.

The best diamond casino heist pays off with a lot of money. You can pick up cash and other valuable items such as Gold and Artwork in the vault. The contents of the vault will affect how much you get paid.

The best way to get the most money from your heist is to get a support crew. A better one will give you a higher share of the total take. It is best to select a crew with a high reputation, and a reputable thief. You can also choose an expert hacker, but the best option is to stick to a more standard crew.

The Big Con

Amongst the various routes for a Diamond Casino Heist, there are three basic approaches that players can choose from. These include the Silent and Sneaky Approach, the Aggressive Approach, and the Combat Approach. The first two approaches have their own set of missions and are mandatory, while the third route is not.

The Silent and Sneaky Approach is known for its stealth, and requires players to disguise themselves. This route also has several optional missions to assist players in achieving their goal. For example, the player can pretend to be an infiltrator or maintenance staff. This makes it easier to enter the Casino and to avoid being spotted.

The Aggressive Approach involves blowing open a vault door with explosives or thermal charges. This strategy is very popular in the GTA Online community. This route is very difficult to complete, and the total payout is limited.

The Big Con is a middle ground between the Silent and Sneaky Approach and the Aggressive Approach. This route allows players to sneak into the vault and bag the loot before the timer runs out. The Big Con also includes a disguise, and is one of the easiest routes to complete.

The Big Con has eight optional missions. These can be purchased from the heist planning dashboard. These missions will increase the chance of success and provide an alternative in case things go awry.

The most important aspect of any route is preparation. Players should always consider their overall approach, and select the best support crew. A good support crew will make the heist easier to accomplish, and will give a higher cut of the total take.

When deciding on a support crew, consider their skill level and weapons. A gunman will be more effective than a hacker, for example. This is a very important factor for a successful heist.

Another important consideration is the vehicle. For instance, a better driver will get better cars, and a higher rank will give you better weaponry.

It is important to stay away from security cameras and alarms. In addition, players will have to avoid the highway that leads to the Casino.

Cancel the heist

During last week’s GTA Online update, Diamonds were added as a reward for a heist at The Diamond Casino & Resort. The diamonds are only available for a limited time. Rockstar added the diamonds to the game as part of a Valentine’s event. These diamonds were spawned at a 18% rarity. They can be found in the casino vault.

The Diamond Casino Heist has changed the way it operates. Instead of rolling the dice for diamonds, you have to move the camera through the casino vault to find diamonds. You also have to avoid getting damaged during the heist. In addition, you have to pay a $25K setup fee for each new heist.

If you fail to find any diamonds in the vault, you can call Lester and tell him to cancel the Diamond Casino Heist. This will revert the mission to the beginning, and will allow you to see what the contents of the vault are. If you are satisfied with the contents, you can proceed with the heist. You can also reroll the contents of the vault without repeating the mission.

After calling Lester to cancel the Diamond Casino Heist, you can then change the contents of the vault. If the vault contains cash or gold, you can go to the setup board and change it to diamonds. If the contents are not satisfactory, you can also call Lester and let him know. This will allow you to reroll the contents and reset the mission.

The Diamond Casino Heist has a maximum payout of $2,714,250. On Hard Mode, the payout will be 10% higher. The diamonds spawn at a 18% rarity, and the chance for diamond spawns increased for Independence Week. In addition, the health of the enemies will regenerate slower on Hard Mode.

If you want to reroll the contents of the vault without restarting the mission, you can do so by going into creator mode and starting an invite-only session. This will cost you 25k, and you will receive eight rerolls to get the next best vault contents. If the contents are not satisfactory, you may also cancel the heist and go back to the setup board to reroll the contents.

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